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At PressPlay TV, we believe businesses need to disruptively change the way they advertise.
We’re in a world that changes by the minute, where video content has greater reach and credibility than ever before and where video advertising has been deemed to be the future by the pundits of advertising.
It’s a world where everything is going digital & everything is going Mobile! A world where industrial era practices of advertising simply don’t cut it anymore. A world that demands a different kind of business and brand thinking. At PressPlay TV, what we offer is a completely new approach to advertise your brand in this digital age.
An approach driven by a different philosophy – where we believe innovating on a targeted, relevant platform by you can be far more impactful than innovating in TV commercials, and where we think outsmarting the competition is a better thing to do than outspending them.
Do read about what we believe in, see the work we’ve done, hear what our clients have to say, explore some of the disruptive Ad technologies we’ve developed and if we do interest you, write to us – we’ll get back in real time!
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