We are the Only Indian Company that offers free video content ‘on and off - line’ using a hybrid delivery model. Keeping in view that internet infrastructure of India isn’t great, we deploy strategically placed PressPlay TV hotspots across the country. Currently we are at Over 3000+ hotspots across India in interstate buses, Ola Shuttle, Shuttle, Trains, Hospitals, hotels, railway stations, bus stations, and more locations.
QUICK DOWNLOADS: Download anything you like in less than 2 minutes.
FREE STREAMING: No internet costs/ data charges.
NO BUFFERING: When connected to a hotspot, stream for free at super-fast speeds without any buffering.
Ola Shuttle, R.S.R.T.C, U.P.S.R.T.C, Indian Railways, S.R.S Travels, VRL Travels & many more…
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